Monday, June 21, 2010

Dead Legs Early Stages

Found some old pics showing process behind "Dead Legs". Just tried to keep moving - measuring first and then gradually thinking more about contrasts and last about color.

Someday I'll take some better photos(proper lighting, no glare and higher res) and upload them. I took this one at an angle on purpose just to get rid of the reflected light. Strange effect I think. Not at all the same as 90 angle photo.

Original post: Dead Legs

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Croquis? Non.

"The bats have fled the bell tower..."

Bela Lugosi
Colored pencils, graphite, Flashe mat artists' color

Pencil and Ink

More Generals

I'm going to try and post something at least every few days. I will occasionally post some older stuff that I think might be interesting. Remember to click to see the larger images!

Here are some compositions I worked on in 2006. I began working on "The Land and the Sea" in Greece. It's still down there, waiting...

The Land and the Sea

The Arrival(first sketch)

The Arrival(second sketch)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Non Prophet

In the Desert

Acrylic sketch on paper. 55 x 45 cm

Portrait of James Deak

James Deak

Acrylic on paper. 45 x 29.4cm.

General almost done.

I Dream of Genocide

Very first post!

Dead Legs

Leftover acrylic paint on paper. 74.5 x 121cm.
Had a hell of a time finishing this. Colors are a mess. Just played around with contrasts. From a still of Lon Chaney in "West of Zanzibar".

Dead Legs